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Project Aims is a EU-funded project supporting the transport research community co-operation in all respects. It is based on the directory of transport facility on Especially with the declining public funding for large research facilities there is need to improve the attractiveness for industry. Also the new member states of the EU offer so many new knowledge centres to be exploited by industry.

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Findings of the events held for the local transport research communities in the new member states and accession countries. Please read the details!

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If necessary please register first and enter your data afterwards. features research facilities in Europe. The Intransnet directory contains information about unique and/or special test tracks and basins, model testing laboratories, prototype engineering & testing, test beds for vehicle parts, small or full scale prototypes, mobile testing equipments and simulation tools and simulators (simulation models) or equal. covers all transport modes like rail, road, maritime, air planes, pipeline and infrastructure like bridge, ports and tunnels. You may either search for information about competence, co-operation partners (goto query) or invite them to conferences (goto event database) or simply present your facility (goto Registration) within this database.

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